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Avocados LOCAL (has had spray, but minimal)


Meliora Farm is a citrus and avocado farm located at Peats Ridge and is currently operated by Tim Kemp who is a third generation farmer.Β Tim uses a blend of conventional, bio-dynamic and organic farming methods.

These avocados are NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC and they have been sprayed – using minimal spray. This season (2017) they have been sprayed twice – once in December and once in February (see more info below).

NOTE: All avocados in mixed fruit and veg boxes are certified organic from other origins within Australia.

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Tim’s approach to using sprays is “less is best” and any spraying varies from harvest to harvest ie. if a pest is observed damaging the fruit in the orchard.Β  The more conventional farmers apply sprays at regular intervals eg every 4-6 weeks. “We have 4 sprays that we use to manage fruit spotting bug, thrips and mites (one is organic, the other 3 are not).Β  These are used as required.Β  Sometimes that is once a season, sometimes up to 4 times a season.”