Beans, Adzuki AUSTRALIAN NCO 1kg


Adzuki beans are simple to cook and make a healthy addition to salads, veggie burgers and dips.

Origin: Australia



Adzuki beans grow on an annual vine that originated in East Asia. The beans are left to develop and dry on the vine until they rattle, this takes 90 ? 120 days. The entire plant is harvested and allowed to dry. Once the dry pods are opened, the shelled beans are packed and stored and are ready for use.
It is predominantly an East Asian cuisine and is the primary ingredient of red bean paste.

From a nutrition perspective, the humble adzuki bean is known to be a good source of potassium, calcium, some B vitamins and iron (non-heme), fibre for regular digestive function and are also great for sprouting (if not imported), which increases their nutrient and enzyme content.
The adzuki bean according to Traditional Chinese Medicine has a neutral thermal nature, influences the heart and small intestine, tonifies adrenal and kidney function, removes heat conditions and is drying to the whole body.

NOTE: If beans/pulses/legumes have been imported they will not sprout as they have been steamed due to quarantine purposes, however if they are Australian then you can get sprouting!

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