Chia Seeds Black AUSTRALIAN grown 1kg


Grown in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, Chia seeds are the highest combined plant source of omega 3, fibre and protein, and are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Chia contains eight essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. Complete proteins from plant sources are very rare, making chia a fantastic source of nutrition for vegan and vegetarian diets. Chia is one of the highest known sources of antioxidants, which are vital in the maintenance of healthy cells. Antioxidants combat the oxidation process caused by sun exposure or pollution, carrying free radicals out of the body.

There is no nutritional difference between black and white chia.




John Foss, Founder & Chairman:

Sustainable Farming

We farm chia sustainably in the pristine Kimberley region of Western Australia. The perfect environment, within 15 degrees of the equator.

Growing chia at this exact latitude provides the ideal day length for chia to develop the highest levels of omega 3. We use irrigation to ensure our crops receive the perfect amount of water and we let our chia ripen naturally in the sun.

Our chia is sun ripened, non-GMO and sustainably grown. Our approach to farming allows us to consistently produce the highest quality chia, year on year.

We operate a fair value farming model and manage our own fully transparent supply chain – like a farmers market on a global scale.

Every packet of our chia can be traced back to the paddock on which it was grown. We can guarantee the nutrition in every seed because we grow it ourselves.

The Chia Co.

Our bright, bold ‘chia orange’ is inspired by the rich red soil of The Kimberley region, where we first established our chia farms. It also reflects the pioneering nature of our brand.

Our three leaf logo represents our commitment to triple bottom line sustainability: people, planet and profit. These three core values shape every decision we make.

People: We positively impact public health by educating the global community on the value of nutrition and by making chia available to everyone on a daily basis. We provide fair value to every person we deal with, from growers to consumers, and we help build and support the communities we farm in.

Planet: We work in harmony with the natural environment, operating the world’s best practice environmental management systems to ensure that our farms contribute positively to the entire eco-system. We carefully manage our supply and distribution to reduce our carbon footprint.

Profit: We have a long-term global vision that chia will be a vital part of the world’s diet in 50-100 years. We are committed to providing chia at a fair value around the world, and we invest profits in future growth of the chia industry.

Plant Based Nutrition

We are passionate about creating plant based foods that promote every day nutrition.

We support a positive and sustainable approach to healthy eating and believe having more healthy and convenient plant based foods is good for our environment and good for us.

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