Who we are: Nurtured Earth OrganicsWelcome to our website, our shop and our world of delicious, nutritious foods and more!

We are Sonia Romeyn and Janine Ravenwood – two community spirited mums who believe that eating local organic foods not only creates healthy humans but is also vital for supporting our planet!

We live by our Health is Wealth philosophy – and will always put people and planet before profit. Every week we deliver 2 or 3 boxes of nurturing food to Community members that need a little extra love and support.


Our range of nourishing food is constantly expanding and is delivered to our Central Coast Community every Monday.


Our business ethos is:

  • Real Food – Just good food! No chemicals or additives.
  • Local First – Supporting local farmers is key to a healthy community (often our veggies are picked on Monday morning!) plus many benefits such as Low Food Miles, yippeee!
  • Minimal packaging – We are always looking for ways to lessen packaging. At Mondays end, after sending out food to over 100 families, the rubbish to landfill fits into one small bag.
  • Supporting Community – So far, over 446 boxes of nourishing food have been sent into our local community and that number continues to grow by 2 or 3 every week.

Our wish is for Real Food to be accessible to all families – therefore we strive to keep our overheads as low as possible so our customers can expect value for money.