Fresh fruit, vegetables and Real Food
Fresh fruit, vegetables and Real Food
Fresh fruit, vegetables and Real Food
Fresh fruit, vegetables and Real Food
Nurtured Earth Organics
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Minimal Packaging
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Supporting Community


Frequently ANSWERED Questions

Check the map to see if we deliver to your area:

NOTE: If you fall outside the area, feel free to contact us to see if we have a solution.
Nurtured Earth Organics delivery map Central Coast

Quick check list for Orders and Deliveries

  • Orders are delivered on Monday afternoon between 3:00 and 7pm.
  • You do not need to be home to receive your order. Boxes will be left near your front door (or in a shady spot near your front door in summer).
  • Order CUT OFF time is Midday/12pm Sunday (if you are running late, send us a text message to check, as we are always a little flexible). If you require cow milk or La Tartine sourdough – these items need to be ordered by 2pm on Friday (or text us your bread and milk requirement and then place your order later in the weekend).
  • Minimum order value is $50 plus delivery fee of $6.60.
  • Orders over $100 receive FREE DELIVERY.
  • You are welcome to PICK UP your order (anytime between 3-5:30pm on Monday) – to enable the free delivery, type FREE in the discount section at check out.
  • By placing an order there is no ‘Lock In’ – just order when you need to, or let us know if you’d like it to be a Standing Order.
  • To make a Standing Order, place your order as usual, and then type in Weekly or Fortnightly in the Note section on the Checkout page. If you need to skip a week or two, just send us a text or email by midday Sunday.
  • If you have allergies, or don’t like certain fruits and vegetables you are welcome to make a note in the section at check out and we will replace with other produce.
  • If you forgot to add a couple of items you can go on-line and make another order (type in ‘free’ in the coupon code on the Checkout page to enable free freight).
  • Your empty delivery boxes will be collected next time you order.
  • We also reuse: salad tubs, honey jars, olive oil bottles, the deodorant jars, veggie stock jars, dishwashing liquid bottles, laundry liquid bottles, ginger beer bottles – we ask that these are washed prior to return.
  • Please know: We would never buy polysterene! We take the time to repurpose polysterene boxes we collect from large supermarket landfill piles.


Certification and Bulk Orders

ORGANIC CERTIFICATION – Please understand it is not viable for our small local farmers to obtain organic certification for their produce. Even so, we love to support them, as we know they are growing nutrient rich and chemical free produce and it’s often picked fresh for us on a Monday morning!


The only exception to the ‘chemical free’ rule is the amazing avocados. Farmer Tim Kemp uses minimal chemicals (but we believe it’s better to have local, than obtaining certified organic avocados from a few hundred kilometres away).

Another exception to the rule is sunflower seeds – We could source organic ones from China, but we choose conventional sunflower seeds from Australia (as Australian organic sunflowers seeds are not available yet).


We have highlighted Australian and Local products, with the exception of the fruit and vegetables (as these will ALWAYS BE 100% AUSTRALIAN). 


BULK ORDERS – Yes, we can order items in Bulk for you (at a considerable discount). Let us know what you need and we will get you a price. NOTE: On most occasions, these items need to be picked up.


Thanks for checking in. Please choose to support local whenever you have a choice!