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  • June 30, 2018
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Jimalie is a locally owned family business. We offer quality coconut products from a region where our family coconut plantations are located in the Philippines. My grandparents planted the seeds for Jimalie over 65 years ago, in Davao – The Fruit Basket of the Philippines. Our business is a lasting legacy to them and our family coconut plantation, and to my father Jim, whose tireless work as a coconut farmer and philanthropist made this all possible.

Diagnosed with autism at a young age, my first-born son was the inspiration for making Jimalie into the business it is today. To assist in managing his condition, we eliminated all chemicals, preservatives and additives from our family’s diet, and soon realised the health benefits of embracing real, whole foods, including the humble coconut.


Janine Ravenwood

We are two community spirited mums sourcing local, organic and conscious whole-foods. We support ethical producers and growers with an aim to keep it as local as possible. We want a positive future for this planet and believe that building closer knit communities and using sustainable methods is vital for this outcome.

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