Toothpaste LOCAL 110g Spearmint – made by our own Holistic Dentist!


Made by our own Holistic Dentist (located in Tuggerah) Dr Vijaya Molloy (BDS)


  • Calcium carbonate acts as a very mild abrasive, the calcium also assists in enamel remineralisation
  • Xylitol and stevia are natural sweeteners, xylitol also has antibacterial properties
  • Fractionated coconut oil assists with the cleaning properties
  • Glycerin and silica assist with texture and handling
  • Lauryl glucoside is a coconut derived foaming agent
  • Xanthum gum and methyl cellulose are thickeners
  • Microcare SB – this is a combination of potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate. In some cases when associated with vitamin C, the sodium benzoate can react to form benzene, however this is not a problem with CocoClean. Steps will be taken with subsequent batches to eliminate the sodium benzoate

CocoClean have deliberately avoided the use of salt, baking soda and charcoal, due to Vijaya’s clinical experience she believes these ingredients are highly abrasive on tooth enamel and can result in tooth sensitivity.

Certification: None

Origin: Made in Australia




Benefits of CocoClean:
• Provides a gentle and effective clean
• Contains coconut oil
• Carries the genuine green and gold ‘Made in Australia’ logo (possibly the only toothpaste on the market to carry this)
• Pleasant taste – naturally flavoured with stevia
• Squeezes out smoothly to sit easily on the brush
• 5% of profits are donated to support victims of domestic violence
• No box to minimise waste
• Vegan and paleo friendly
• No sulphates
• No fluoride
• Nut free and gluten free (not processed on equipment used for either)
• Mineral oil free
• No triclosan
• No titanium dioxide
• No petrochemicals or parabens
• No BPA in the tube
• No sugar, saccharin or aspartame